Career decisions can be difficult.

Here’s how we can help.

First, discover possible careers.

We do this by using filters.  Each filter gathers some information about your career profile: past jobs, education, etc., and uses these to present other possible career s to you.  The secret: move quickly. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to decide if each career might be “the one” at this stage. Look at the suggestions, save those that seem possible, and move on.

We start by building filters. Your filters page shows you an overview of the filters that you have created so far.  Here you can review filter results or start a filter over if you’d like to generate different results.  

Stay focused. When you create a filter, you’ll be asked targeted questions about your career preferences or your work history.  Some filters take longer than others, but each of them is designed to focus your career decision. 

Move quickly. Once you’ve completed a filter, the career decision lab will suggest a few careers based on your responses.  You’ll be encouraged to briefly review the list and save any careers that seem appealing for later.  

Next, review your reports. 

Personalized career reports with the same consistent criteria each time.  We use your responses from each filter (see above) to show you how closely each career matches up with what you’ve already told us.  Before you were moving fast, now it’s time to slow down. Take your time with each possible career, look at detailed work information, flag a career to research later, take some notes if that’s helpful.  Now that’s you’ve limited how many careers are in the running, you’re free to do this sort of in-depth research.

Your reports page is your personal lab space that you can use to reduce the number of possible careers to those you plan to pursue further. Each report is created based on the possible careers you selected while completing your filters.  

The career report is where we start the heavy-duty decision making.  Each report will start by giving you a brief overview of the specific career, along with the areas where this sort of career is usually employed.

The next section of your career reports uses the responses you gave when creating your filters to display how well you match to this career in a number of areas.  

Career decisions don’t come down to just one area.  That’s why each report shows you how that career lines up with each of your filters. 

You can also search for matching jobs within each career report, saving jobs that seem appealing to review later.

Making a good decision is about keeping track of your progress.  For each career, you’ll be encouraged to assign a rank or give yourself a homework assignment to gather more information.   

Rinse and repeat. After reviewing each possible career, you return to your reports page.  Small indicators remind you which careers you rated highly, flagged for further research, saved possible jobs, or wrote down some notes.   Keep reviewing until you’ve reduced your list to a manageable number and then move forward confidently, knowing that you’ve put the time in to make a good decision. 

Let’s Simplify Your Career Decision.

Career decisions can be difficult, but they don’t need to be overwhelming.  Use our filters, reports, and job search to help you focus on what’s important as you decide on your next step.  We’re ready when you are, let’s get started.