The Career Decision Lab 

Simplify your career decision. 

Simplify career discovery

Start with what you already know, use your own history to guide the discovery process. Each of our filters asks a few questions about your work history, education or career profile and suggests possible careers that are relevant to you. Save the careers you like, and move on. 

Use consistent criteria

Consistent, focused data can make all the difference in the world. Personalized career reports use the filters you’ve built to show you how each career lines up with your profile. Your filters reduce the number of careers you have to decide between, your reports let you focus on the details. 

The Career Decision Process has a lot of moving parts

There is a lot of information that we’d like to consider as we make our next career move, but it can be hard to keep it all straight. The Career Decision Lab puts all the career information you’re curious about in one place.

​ Start with the basics

V​ See where you overlap 

Your career reports start by comparing your desired salary, education level, job zone, and knowledge areas with those required by the potential career.   

a​ Review your interests

It’s nice when you’re not starting completely over. Each career report will show you which tasks will overlap with your most recent (or most enjoyable) job.  

®​ Remember your values

See where your interests align with each career you’re considering.  Find out where a new career could be fulfilling, and where it just might feel like work.

We all want different things from our careers, and they aren’t always things that you can see in a job posting.  Compare your values with each potential career with a click. 

Think about your personality 

You just have to be you, or something like that. Learn more about the kinds of personality traits that succeed in each career your considering and see how that lines up your perception of yourself.  

​ Finish Strong, Find the Job

A career without a job is just a hobby, and exploring available jobs is a vital part of the career decision process. You can search for possible positions within each career report. Stay local or plan your big move, save possible jobs that seem promising. 

Better Data,  Better Decisions.

We use  O-Net Online (built by the Dept of Labor) and for our career and job data, so you can have confidence in your career decisions and job searches.

Let’s Simplify Your Career Decision.

Career decisions can be difficult, but they don’t need to be overwhelming.  Use our filters, reports, and job search to help you focus on what’s important as you decide on your next step.  We’re ready when you are, let’s get started.