The Career Decision Lab 

After helping people make career decisions for a few years,  I began to notice a few things about the career decision process: 

First, we tend to believe that more options are always better than a few options. This may have been more true in the past when our access to information was limited. But as we look at the millions of results that any given web search returns, we notice that these options aren’t freeing, they’re paralyzing. 

Second, our decision criteria drift as time passes.  We get tired, we get anxious, we worry about finding a job and gradually we start to look at our options differently.  We might sense that our focus has changed, but we might not. Either way, its hard to make a good decision when the standard keeps moving. ​

Third, it’s hard to keep going. Maybe because we’re overwhelmed with options, maybe because we have the sinking sense that there isn’t much consistency in our process, but we often get discouraged. We start thinking that this is a better decision for another time, and all of the work that we’ve done to that point risks being left behind.​

That’s why the Career Decision Lab exists: to provide a system that helps you focus your discovery process on a smaller number of real options, consistently evaluate potential career options, and keep you moving through the decision-making process. This isn’t career assessment, this isn’t consulting, this is a decision management tool, and I hope that it will be useful to you.

Sam Hintz

Career Decision Lab

Let’s Simplify Your Career Decision.

Career decisions can be difficult, but they don’t need to be overwhelming.  Use our filters, reports, and job search to help you focus on what’s important as you decide on your next step.  We’re ready when you are, let’s get started.